Generate a Stream of Warm Leads for YOUR Business From Facebook Advertising - at LOW or ZERO COST!


Have you dabbled with Facebook advertising, but given up because you realised you were spending more money on ads than you were getting back in sales?


Perhaps you've boosted your page posts and that worked well for getting likes and comments, but you didn’t make any sales and you don’t understand why?   


Or maybe you’ve thought about running Facebook ads but you don’t know where to start… and there’s so much conflicting info out there that trying to learn left you more confused than ever?


Firstly, you're not alone.


It's a story I hear from business owners every single day, but it doesn't have to be that way.


What if you could have access to a fully supported, online training program, to hold your hand as you dive into the advertising platform, and showed you step-by-step, how to get Facebook ads working for YOUR Business - even if you've never advertised before?

Hi, my name is Veronica Pullen.


Over 7 weeks, I generated 1,100 new leads for my business from Facebook ads, and they cost me nothing. In fact, I’m very slightly in profit.


Of the people who land on my squeeze page, roughly 46% of them are opting in to receive my lead magnet.


Each opted in lead is costing between £1 and £1.50.

As soon as they opt-in, I’m presenting an offer – with the income from that offer replenishing the daily ad spend.


Now, you can see the stats from my ad campaign in the image above, but I doubt you care about MY results.


I imagine the only thought running through your mind right now, is whether YOU could use Facebook advertising to attract leads for your business – warm leads that ultimately cost you nothing to generate


... and then, convert your new warm leads into paying customers?


The answer is YES!


My Facebook Ads For Leads Program will  help you generate profitable leads for your business from Facebook advertising too.

When you invest in the Facebook Ads to Leads Program today, you will get everything you need to craft your:

  • 1.

    Marketing Message: Get clear on your community’s pains and frustrations, so you can offer the solutions they are HUNGRILY seeking in your…

  • 2.

    Highly-Compelling Freebie Lead Magnet: Creating your COMPELLING Lead Magnet is the process of packaging up an introduction to your USP that can be downloaded by your prospective customers… giving them a test drive of your awesomeness, and demonstrating that you ARE the expert that can help them get the result they want. And at the same time… rapidly building your list of WARM LEADS - ready for you to convert into paying clients.

  • 3.

    Sizzling Copy: you'll be introduced to my simple, step-by-step process for crafting persuasive ‘non pushy’, emotion based sales copy that will attract an endless stream of email subscribers and paying clients - with EASE - so when your ads appear in your ideal clients' newsfeed, they are motivated to act and you'll dramatically increase your conversions.

  • 4.

    Value-Adding Upsell Offer (Trip Wire): a trip wire is a name given to the offer that is presented to your new leads when they opt in, that will generate an income to 'replenish' your Facebook advertising spend. By the end of this session, you'll have clarity on your upsell offer that will provide additional value to your newly opted-in leads, and enable you to generate your leads from advertising, at low or zero cost.


Now, having covered the groundwork, you’re ready to dive deep into the Facebook advertising platform – Power Editor – and step-by-step we'll set up your core profitable advertising campaigns.


Inside the Facebook Ads For Leads program, you will find everything you need to generate a stream of warm leads and convert them into paying customers...


We'll cover...

  • 1.

    Setting up - Getting the foundations in place for you to double your leads and sales from your Facebook advertising.

  • 2.

    Optimising your ads for the results you are hoping for – choosing the most profitable campaign objective, so your ad campaigns become an investment with a positive return, and you stop paying to get the results that you DON'T want!

  • 3.

    Crafting your ads – how to craft sizzling ads that stand out from the crowd and get the right people EXCITED to click.

  • 4.

    Optimising your ads for placement - creating your ad to display perfectly within the placement you choose, and the BIG mistake that so many advertisers make that is guaranteed to waste money - so you can be certain of making the right choices and getting more clicks for less ad spend!

  • 5.

    Effective targeting – choosing the right audiences to target so your ads are going in front of the people who will want what you offer.

  • 6.

    What’s working – deep-dive into the stats to understand the VITAL numbers to monitor for optimum profitability and split testing for tried and tested replication of results.

  • 7.

    Remarketing – Show ads for your paid programs to people who have already indicated interest and intrigue in what you offer. No more ‘firing offers into the wind’ when you can target your ads to specific warm audiences with laser precision!

  • 8.

    Building a SUPER-ENGAGED audience of people who WANT to hear from you, send your marketing messages directly to their PERSONAL Facebook Messenger inbox so more of your messages are read, WOW your audience by responding to their questions personally, thus increasing their confidence and trust in you and your brand, and respond tp enquiries and sales directly within your private Messenger conversation, increase your conversions.

All of this will be taught in step-by-step detail, so don’t worry if you’re new to Facebook advertising, or you find technology baffling.


If you’ve ever invested in any of my previous programs, you’ll know that one of my core skills is the ability to take the most complex topics, and break them down into easy to implement results. 


The Facebook Ads for Leads Program is no different.


So, are you ready to double your leads and sales from Facebook ads, and stop pouring money away on ads that don't deliver results? 


Buy the Facebook Ads for Leads Program Today... 


...for just £399


(Or, if you prefer, pay over three monthly instalments of £150)



BONUS #1: Access to a private Facebook group, for additional coaching and accountability.

Inside our private Facebook group, you can network with your peers, ask any questions you have as you work through the program, and be supported by me, my team, and your fellow Facebook advertisers.

(VALUE £100+)


BONUS #2: Access to my Lead Magnet Academy program

Create and publish your COMPELLING lead magnet that your audience will be eager to download - increasing the results from your Facebook advertising. 

(VALUE £199)


BONUS #3: Access to my Facebook Messenger Bots4Beginners program

You'll be enrolling new subscribers into your email list from your Facebook ads, and beginning the process of building and nurturing a relationship with them. 


Now, with this third bonus, you will discover how to build a second audience of your most-engaged leads in Facebook Messenger.. - where there is close to a 100% chance of your the marketing messages you send being opened and READ!

(VALUE £99)


BONUS #4: Access to my Facebook Ads Success Foundations Program

Micro-target your specific advertising to the most relevant audience who have already indicated that they are interested in what you are promoting, and therefore will be most likely to buy or subscribe - including putting your ads in front of group members who already know, like and trust you WITHOUT breaching the group's 'no-promo' rule or getting your group post lost in the noise

(VALUE £47)




If within 7 days of purchasing the Facebook Ads for Leads program, you don’t feel I’ve delivered on my promise to teach you how you can use Facebook advertising profitably to generate leads for your business, I’ll refund your investment in full – no quibble.

If within 90 days, you have watched every session, implemented every strategy I’ve taught you, and you have been advertising on Facebook (minimum of 4 ad sets with a total daily budget of £10+), for the previous 45 days continuously, but you have not generated at least 50 new leads for your business during that time, then I will work with you for free until you have attracted 75 new leads into your business.

I can’t say fairer than that.

"112 New Leads in 3 Weeks!"

In 3 weeks, I gained 112 new leads and made £1,832 (plus another £2,500 of possible new business lined up), directly as a result of implementing what Veronica teaches in this program.

Nicola Humber
"Doubled Previous Results - Halved the Costs!"

Prior to working with Veronica, I had given up advertising on Facebook as I was getting poor results, and the cost per conversion was high.

However, in the first week of following Veronica's strategies, I have already got double the amount of leads, but the best part is that I've halved the costs!

Vee Smith
Biz Tech Wiz
"Breakthrough Moment Worth the Purchase Alone, Many Times Over."

I purchased Veronica's Ads For Leads Program on the first day, and two sessions in, I realised why my ads had failed in the past.

She has this ability to take you deep into the mind of your ideal clients, so you can write your marketing in a way that really speaks to them. 

This to me is the secret behind why my results have been poor in the past, and this breakthrough alone is worth the investment, many times over!

Michael Nguyen

Buy the Facebook Ads for Leads Program Now. 


...for just £399


(Or, if you prefer, pay over three monthly instalments of £150)