Are You Posting on Your Facebook Page to Promote Your Business?


Do You Capture Email Addresses on Your Website and Send Email Marketing?


Are You Frustrated With the Low Reach of Your Facebook Page Posts and the Poor Open Rates Your Emails Achieve?


Get in Front of More of Your Ideal Clients When You Are Granted PERMISSION to Send Your Marketing Messages Directly into Their Facebook Messenger Inbox... 


... Where There is Close to 100% Chance They Will Open AND READ Your Messages!


If you're anything like me, on a typical day, you receive upwards of two hundred emails, but very few Facebook Messenger messages.


Every message I receive in Messenger is opened and read.


Every email is not.


I imagine the same is true for you... AND your audience.


Let's face it... not even 100% of the emails you send to your email subscribers are delivered, let alone read. 


In fact, the average email open rate is 25%.


Messenger messages however have a 100% delivery rate, and 75%+ of messages are OPENED and READ!


So, that’s a significant increase in the number of people you can reach and impact, right?


Just to be clear though...


That does NOT mean you should start sending your marketing messages to all of your Facebook friends in Messenger, when they haven’t asked to receive them. 


That's spam!


Spam isn’t cool, ever.


Instead, you invite your audience to subscribe to receive your marketing messages in Messenger, and offer a free incentive in exchange… a lead magnet.


You’ll be able to reach more of your highly-engaged audience, who have not only ASKED to hear from you, but are RECEIVING, OPENING, and READING your messages.


The way you do it is with what’s called a ‘Messenger Bot’.


Don’t be put off by the name. This isn’t “Robot Wars”!


A Messenger bot works just like the opt-in form on your website that is linked to your email marketing service - inviting them to click on a button OR comment on a post on your Facebook page - capturing the permission, sending your lead magnet on autopilot, and giving you the ability to send follow-up messages.



  • 1.

    You build a separate audience of the MOST-ENGAGED people in your community... who WANT to hear from you – being INVITED into their personal Messenger inbox is a deeper level of connection, way beyond getting access to their email address. 

  • 2.

    You're sending a PRIVATE message which starts a PERSONAL conversation with your most engaged audience. Think about how often you open and reply to private Facebook messages compared to email?

  • 3.

    More of your messages are READ so you are showing up regularly and consistently with something of value – you’ll deepen the connection between you and become their natural first choice when they're feeling confident enough to buy from you.

  • 4.

    You can WOW them by responding to their questions personally – increasing their confidence and trust in you and your brand. How much more positively do you feel about a company when you message them on Facebook and you get a response from a HUMAN?

  • 5.

    Enquiries can be managed directly within the Messenger conversation, or you can quickly fire up a voice or video call when you need to speak in person to finalise a sale.


I'm not suggesting that you scrap email marketing, however.


Capturing email addresses to build your core database remains a KEY PRIORITY for EVERY business, and email marketing is NOT dead!


Your Facebook Messenger bot will be a POWERFUL ADDITION to your marketing and follow up strategy, enabling you to become omnipresent online, and used effectively, you'll build and nurture a deeper relationship with the most engaged people in your audience. 


With 100% deliverability and consistent 75%+ open rates, you'll reach more of the people who want your help, showing up regularly and consistently with something of value, and enjoy the results of being able to have powerful, private conversations - on autopilot!


Introducing Bots for Beginners Online Program


Inside the Bots 4 Beginners program, you will discover:


  • 1.

    Introduction to Messenger Bots and getting started: Setting up your Messenger bot from scratch and integrating with your Facebook page

  • 2.

    Incentivising your audience to subscribe: Recognising who in your audience is MOST LIKELY to subscribe to your Messenger marketing, and understanding what they want from you so you can offer a highly compelling lead magnet that your audience will be EAGER to access.

  • 3.

    Delivering your lead magnet on autopilot: Set up of your 'opt-in' process so you can start promoting your lead magnet online, enrolling your initial subscribers, and instantly delivering the incentive you promised. 


  • 1.

    Manual and automated follow-up messaging: Staying in touch to build and nurture a long-term relationship with your most-engaged audience, manually, and on autopilot.

  • 2.

    Setting up Bot automations: Trigger your Messenger Bot to take a specific action on autopilot - such as enrolling a new subscriber when a specific keyword is included in a comment on a post on your Facebook page. 

You have unlimited access to the program content inside a private members' portal, so, you will be able to work through the program in your own time, and at your own pace. 


You'll also have access to a private Facebook group, to get your questions answered as you work through the program.

No prior knowledge of Messenger Bots is assumed, and every step will be covered in detail, including the tech set up.


To get started with Facebook Messenger marketing, all you need is a Facebook (business) page and an account with the free Messenger bot software (we'll cover setting up your account inside the program). 


You'll leave the Bots for Beginners program with a fully-working Messenger Bot funnel, ready to begin attracting and converting your audience into Messenger subscribers.

If you’re frustrated with the low open rates of you email marketing, want to reach more of the people who want your help, show up regularly and consistently with something of value, and enjoy the results of being able to have powerful, private conversations - on autopilot…


… then join the Bots4Beginners program to get started with Messenger marketing.

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... for £99!


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